Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin and Hardener


Product Description

MTB-6048 Crystal Epoxy Resin Casting -3:1-16oz

MTB-6048 Epoxy Casting Resin is more and more frequently used in the crafting and hobby world, they are easy to use with non-toxicity, making them suitable for ventilated craft rooms and work areas.

Epoxy resins come in two parts: resin and hardener. The two parts must be mixed in the precise ratio given in the manufacturer's instructions. Imprecise measuring and mixing prevents the epoxy resin from solidifying or curing. Epoxy resin is also self leveling, giving your project a glass like finish without too much technique.

More expensive than the polyester resin but a great way to get started for a small
batch of projects.

Epoxy resin


MTB-6048 Crystal Epoxy Resin Casting -3:1-16oz

-- Two-component of epoxy resin and hardener 3:1.

-- Clear totally,Solvent free,No VOC's.and No ordor.

-- Excellnet on pour-on epoxy coating,casting, Embedding and encapsulation.

-- Easy to use, professional results with a clear glass-like finish.

-- Long open time, excellent bubble release with crystal clear clarity.

-- The UV resistant formula has a pleasing citrus scent, is waterproof, heat and chemical resistant.

-- Epoxy can be tinted with metallic/glow pigments for solid colors or transparent dyes to create a colored glass look.

-- Finished castings can be turned on a lathe for projects such as pens, vases, etc.

-- Casting Resin is water, heat and chemical resistant and can be buffed or polished to a high sheen if desired. These unique characteristics are why so many professionals use it for demanding projects!

Technical Data Sheet

Crystal clear epoxy resin

How to Apply

Required tools:

1.Measuring cup & straight sided, flflat bottom disposable paper or plastic pail. Mixing container must be 50% larger than mix to allow for an adequate area for mixing. Do not mix in a wax coated container, as the wax coating may break free contaminating the mixture. 

2.Stirring paddle must have a straight edge, such as a paint paddle, to allow user to constantly scrape sides and bottom of mixing container. 

3. Plastic spatula, cardboard or business cards work well to help spread MTB-2209 over large areas.

Epoxy resin and hardener


MTB-6048 Crystal Epoxy Resin Casting -3:1-16oz

Epoxy Casting Resin is the depth in which it can be poured for larger embed projects of furnitures,such as tables and chairs, especially mix with metallic color,solid color,glow color to have the various colorful effects.

Epoxy Casting Resin is perfect for jewelry casting as it has a shallow setting depth, so it will cure quickly when used correctly. Perfect for casting small decorative items such as jewelry pieces, buttons, knobs, figurines, cosplay props and more!

Epoxy resin

Crystal clear epoxy resinEpoxy resin and hardener

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Epoxy resin

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