deep pour epoxy resin for river tables

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    Deep Pour Epoxy Resin For River Tables

    Clear Coat Bottle Cap Table Resin Garage Epoxy Slow curing, low heat and temperature, up to 2"-4"thick each pour Crystal clear, high see through, yellow resistance Thin liquid easy to handle, no bubble, self-Leveling Excellent color stability with pigments No toxic, 100% solids, low VOC, low odor Cured without ripples, no bubbles Good transparency and excellent surface gloss like mirror Can polish after drying After dry,with high hardness as stones Can automatic leveling&antifoaming

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  • Deep Pour Epoxy Casting Resin For River Tables

    Deep Pour Epoxy Casting Resin For River Tables--3Gallons Kit No Toxic Organic Compounds or Heavy Metals 100% Solids, Low VOC, Low odor Crystal Clear, High Gloss,as a clear epoxy resin wood filler and filling large voids in wood with epoxy resin pouring up to 2"-4" Thick Self-Leveling,especially fro Wood, Table Diy, Countertops, Tabletops & All Epoxy Table Ideas! Excellent UV Resistance Extremely Durable Excellent Air Release Qualities Excellent Color Stability,excellent for colored epoxy resin wood filler applications Impact Resistant Magnifies Object Appearance Tough Water Resistant Finish Eliminates Craters, Crawling and Fish Eyes Will not blush or sweat under high humidity Will not distort with age Works amazing with metallic epoxy pigments.Mix falwlessly with epoxy resin color pigments, mica powders like black diamond pigments & creates a superb colored epoxy for wood!

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