flake chip underground epoxy floor

  • Flake Chip Underground Epoxy Floor

    Flake Chip Underground Epoxy Floor Affordable Epoxy coatings offer inexpensive and durable protection for concrete floors, lasting for many years and reducing maintenance costs over time. Businesses with epoxy coatings often spend less money on flooring over time. Chemical/Spill Resistant Epoxy floorings can be formulated to deliver chemical resistance to specific types of chemicals, for businesses requiring this type of chemical resistance for the safety of their workers. Safe With anti-skid, impact resistant and fire resistant options available, epoxy flooring is safe for a variety of industries. This can improve productivity while reducing incidents and near misses at the work site. Color Coated Designate specific work zones within a single building using different color flakes of epoxy flooring for this purpose, indicating which areas are used for storage, vehicle parking, foot traffic and more. Durable Epoxy coating is highly resistant to damage from long-term use, setting up your flooring and work environment for long-term success. Attractive With different colors and patterning flecks available, epoxy coating is an asset in show rooms and stores where product display is critical to the success of the business

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